Throughout our history, artists have lent their creative expression to new ideas in culture and politics, combining innovation with art’s greatest strength – it’s ability to distill complex issues and emotions to their most potent form. Artists have given voice to millions with the stroke of a brush, the strum of a guitar or the click of a shutter.

From right to left, from subtle to blunt, The Art of Politics explores the diverse work of politically charged artists working today.

Artists for 2016 include:
Aaron Axelrod
Alvaro D. Marquez
Art Wing Conspiracy
Chantal Rich
D. W. Marino
Eduardo Valadez
Gregory Auerbach
Illma Gore
Jim Warren
Julian Castro
Justin Bua
Karen Hampton
Konni Jensen
Mary Sanderson
Melissa Vandenberg
Michael D’Antuono
Rich Tomasello
Robbie Conal
Robert Russell
Roman Genn
Sara Williams
Sarah Sole
Shepard Fairey
Stephen Penley
Theresa McNeil
Ti-Rock Moore
Tony Pro
Van Holmgren