Brave New Films Short Films

Professors in Poverty: An average of 51% of faculty are adjunct or teaching on a part-time only basis. 31% of adjuncts live near or below poverty levels and many are forced to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Astonishingly, some teachers make as little as $12,000 annually; meanwhile college presidents make an average salary of over $400,000. Not to mention, tuition has risen at twice the rate of inflation. The corporate model is destroying the integrity of our academic institutions. This has to change. Help us fight for adjuncts and for their right to decent living wages.


The Big Game: Higher Education institutions nationwide are investing tremendous amounts of money in college athletics; meanwhile they close valuable academic programs. Colleges today spend nearly 7x more on average towards athletics than on academics. Priorities are clearly askew and to top much of that funding comes from athletic fees tucked away in tuition bills. It’s time to ask our academic institutions where they are putting tuition dollars and why true and valued academics is on the sidelines in the name of the big game.


Higher Ed, Not Debt: Through Brave New Films’ short video released in 2014, the Higher Ed Not Debt short highlights the growing number of students going into major debt to pay for higher education. As the cost of college rises, so do the loans that students are responsible for paying back to banks that make massive amounts of money of off these loan repayment programs. Should higher education be another big money maker for banks that are too big to fail? Watch the video to find out.