Swing State

Seattle based rock DJ, Ethan Smith, hosts a popular radio program called Ears Wide Shut which appeals to his passion for music but unfortunately, pays a very low wage. When the conservative host of a right wing program also featured on the radio station goes missing, Ethan is called in to cover his absence. Donning a wig and bowtie, he invents the persona, Charles Fern, and brands himself “the new voice for the Right”. Ethan intends the charade to be a one-time deal but his listeners find that the fictitious Fern is the tough talker they have been desperate to hear. When the talk show enjoys a huge spike in ratings following Ethan’s hosting gig, he is asked to take over the high-paying host job full-time and pushed onto the national stage where he may make history but lose everything that matters to him in the process.

Featuring an all-star comedic cast including Taryn Manning, Billy Zane, Sean Astin, Alex Beh, Angela Kinsey, Ted Levine, Elaine Hendrix, Jake Busey, and more and set in the world of talk radio and high stakes partisan politics, here’s a sharp and biting romantic comedy just in time for the 2016 election!


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