From Politicon Stage to Podcast

There will be some brilliance, some bull s***, some name calling, and even some bonding as Politicon’s “How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along!” brings in all sides to find out if our country still has a fighting chance at making it to 2021…and if we’re lucky, even finding some common ground in the process.

Join Moderator Clay Aiken each week as he interrogates some of the sharpest, funniest, and most innovative minds in politics, media, and comedy to see if they have what it takes to lead us!



Clare Malone From FiveThirtyEight

October 28, 2020   ·  1 hr 2 min

Clay is Joined by Clare Malone of FiveThirtyEight to go over the polling with only one week left in the race.

Swing States: Kate Kenski and Chris Cooper

October 21, 2020   ·  1 hr 3 min

Clay is joined by Kate Kenski and Chris Cooper, experts on electoral politics in swing states Arizona and North Carolina, to discuss the state of the races, the changing political dynamics over the last few cycles, and what we can expect on election day.

Jessica Taylor From The Cook Report On The Senate Races

October 14, 2020   ·  1 hr 7 min

Clay is joined by Jessica Taylor, the Cook Report’s expert on Senate and Governors races to take a deep dive into 2020’s toss-ups, the methodology behind their calls, and how things look in the battleground states.


Tomi Lahren And Joe Biden’s Purse

October 7, 2020   ·  1 hr 8 min

Clay is joined by Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren for a vigorous conversation about the continuation of lockdowns, the state of our cities, the threat of voter fraud, and which purse best suits Joe Biden. You might be surprised where they both agree!

Michael Steele: Trump Skewers Himself

October 2, 2020   ·  1 hr 10 min

Clay is joined by former RNC Chairman Michael Steele to analyze the first Presidential Debate and discuss whether or not the candidates lived up to the expectations of their supporters.  Michael rules it a win for Biden, believing that many lost faith in the President on Tuesday.

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