From Politicon Stage to Podcast

There will be some brilliance, some bull s***, some name calling, and even some bonding as Politicon’s “How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along!” brings in all sides to find out if our country still has a fighting chance at making it to 2021…and if we’re lucky, even finding some common ground in the process.

Join Moderator Clay Aiken each week as he interrogates some of the sharpest, funniest, and most innovative minds in politics, media, and comedy to see if they have what it takes to lead us!



Jill Wine-Banks

May 7, 2021   ·  

Clay welcomes legal mastermind, adventurer, and cultural icon Jill Wine-Banks to see how the rule of law is holding up during the Biden administration, what to do about partisanship, and how we can create the country we want.

Alex Gibney

April 30, 2021   ·  51 min

Clay welcomes Academy Award winning filmmaker Alex Gibney to take on one of the most powerful forces moving our world– the profit motive– and whether the way it inspires us to deceive ourselves and others is undermining our common goals.

Jonathan Allen

April 23, 2021   ·  1 hr 2 min

Clay talks to author and political maven Jonathan Allen to find out why Biden and Harris beat the odds to make it to the White House, and if we can expect the political wave they rode in on to carry the Democrats into 2022.

Seal Team Two Commander Mike Hayes

April 16, 2021   ·  

Clay hosts business maven, author, and former Seal Team 2 Commander Mike Hayes to talk about the burden of leadership, making a difference, and how we can stay united and future focused no matter what’s happening in DC.

Richard Lui

April 9, 2021   ·  1 hr 9 min

Clay welcomes journalist, businessman, and author Richard Lui to discuss the power of selflessness and how we can rediscover it in our modern age.  Is that what our politics is missing?

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