Politics for All Generations

Brought to you by Jill Wine-Banks and Victor Shi, the Intergenerational Politics Podcast tackles the issues facing our nation, asks the questions you want to be answered, and most importantly, engages all generations in politics.

Jill Wine-Banks is the only woman to have served on the Watergate prosecution team, is an MSNBC Legal Analyst, and is the author of “The Watergate Girl: My Fight for Truth and Justice Against a Criminal President.” Victor Shi is a freshman at UCLA, the youngest delegate for Joe Biden in Illinois, former organizer on the Biden for President campaign, and an advocate for democratic reform.



Vaughn Feighan

October 19, 2021   ·  47:57

Jill and Victor welcome survivor Vaughn Feighan to examine the perils of traditional masculinity, sexual assault, and how we can confront power and change our culture 
Warning: This episode features a conversation about sexual assault and the horrific impact it has on survivors.

Andy Slavitt

October 12, 2021   ·  

Jill and Victor welcome President Biden’s former senior COVID advisor Andy Slavitt to break down our pandemic response and how to get the country back to normal.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

October 6, 2021   ·  59:36

Jill and Victor welcome LTC. Alexander Vindman for a conversation about the situation in Eastern Europe, serving under Donald Trump, and when it’s time to take a stand.

Adam Schiff

September 29, 2021   ·  26:23

Jill and Victor welcome congressman Adam Schiff to discuss moving forward after President Trump and January 6th, and how the Protecting Democracy Act can help.

Paula Poundstone

September 21, 2021   ·  53:15

Jill and Victor welcome stand up comedian Paul Poundstone for a discussion about building a career, taking charge of life, and keeping comedy alive during Covid. 

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