Politics for All Generations

Brought to you by Jill Wine-Banks and Victor Shi, the Intergenerational Politics Podcast tackles the issues facing our nation, asks the questions you want to be answered, and most importantly, engages all generations in politics.

Jill Wine-Banks is the only woman to have served on the Watergate prosecution team, is an MSNBC Legal Analyst, and is the author of “The Watergate Girl: My Fight for Truth and Justice Against a Criminal President.” Victor Shi is a freshman at UCLA, the youngest delegate for Joe Biden in Illinois, former organizer on the Biden for President campaign, and an advocate for democratic reform.



Ben Rhodes

July 28, 2021   ·  1:08:55

Jill and Victor are joined by Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama, and co-host of Pod Save The World, Ben Rhodes, to discuss the future of our country.

Fiona Hill

July 21, 2021   ·  33:48

Jill and Victor are joined by Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Fiona Hill, for a look at US-Russian relations under Presidents Trump and Biden.

Fmr. Congressman Joe Kennedy III

July 13, 2021   ·  37:12

Jill and Victor are joined by former Congressman Joe Kennedy III to discuss politics, his family’s legacy and what young people can do to make a difference. 

Chris Matthews

July 1, 2021   ·  1:25:03

Jill and Victor are joined by veteran journalist Chris Matthews for a discussion about making the most out of life, how to be true to your politics, and everything in between.

Brittany Packnett Cunningham

June 29, 2021   ·  

Jill and Victor welcome activist and educator Brittany Packnett Cunningham for a conversation about taking action and becoming a change-maker.

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