Talking Politics with the Experts

Master political strategist James Carville and revered journalist Al Hunt convenes a war room each week to discuss the battle for the soul of the nation. Join them as they gather the sharpest minds from across the country to see who has the most compelling case for the American people on the issues that matter most.



Craig Symonds

December 1, 2021   ·  

As Pearl Harbor’s 80th anniversary approaches, James and Al welcome U.S. Naval Academy Professor Craig Symonds for a deep dive into WWII’s Pacific Theater.

John Feinstein

November 25, 2021   ·  1:10:31

James and Al welcome sports journalist and author John Feinstein to discuss breaking barriers, fighting bias, and honoring the legacy of our sports heroes who’ve led the way.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw “jellybeans in a turd”

November 18, 2021   ·  1:15:31

James and Al welcome Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw to discuss the philosophical differences between the parties, gerrymandering, and the difficulty of passing large bills.

Danny Meyer

November 11, 2021   ·  1:01:23

James and Al discuss the need for Democrats to sell as well as govern, and are joined by CEO Danny Meyer to talk unemployment, putting workers first, and tackling poverty.

Senator Angus King

November 4, 2021   ·  1:00:00

James and Al analyze the 11/2 elections and welcome ME Senator Angus King to find out how to restore confidence in Congress and whether Democrats have lost the plot.

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