Talking 2020 Politics with the Experts

Master political strategist James Carville and revered journalist Al Hunt convenes a war room each week to discuss the battle for the soul of the nation. Join them as they gather the sharpest minds from across the country to see who has the most compelling case for the American people on the issues that matter most.



Bill Kristol & Evan Osnos

November 25, 2020   ·  1 hr 16 min

Bill Kristol on the state of the Republican party and why he likes Biden, with Evan Osnos on the real Biden and the future of international relations, and Al and James sharing their wisdom.

Shane Harris & Chris Huttman

November 18, 2020   ·  1 hr 10 min

Al and James examine some of the possibilities for Biden’s cabinet and reflect on the election’s aftermath.  Shane Harris warns us about President Trump’s ability to sell our national secrets, with Chris Huttman on the Georgia elections and the fate of the Senate.

Ed Luce & Tom Edsall

November 11, 2020   ·  1 hr 6 min

James and Al examine and celebrate the ongoing election results, with Associate Editor of Financial Times Ed Luce on the international order after Trump, and the NYT’s Tom Edsall on the schism in the Democratic Party.

In Limbo: Paul Begala, Jill Abramson, Tara Setmayer & Cass Sunstein

November 4, 2020   ·  1 hr 3 min

Harvard Professor Cass Sunstein on court challenges and election law.  Then Al and James assemble a panel featuring Jill Abramson, Paul Begala, and Tara Setmayer on the results of the election and the future of the country.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer & Sen. Bob Casey

October 28, 2020   ·  1 hr 1 min

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer on the sinister plot to kidnap her and the Gov’s election predictions.

Senator Bob Casey on the dynamics of Pennsylvania’s electoral politics.

Al and James talk shop and take your questions.

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