Talking Politics with the Experts

Master political strategist James Carville and revered journalist Al Hunt convenes a war room each week to discuss the battle for the soul of the nation. Join them as they gather the sharpest minds from across the country to see who has the most compelling case for the American people on the issues that matter most.



Mosquito in a nudist camp! with John Couvillon & Sec William Cohen

January 6, 2021   ·  1 hr 31 min

Al and James kick the year off by talking with pollster John Couvillon about the Democratic dual upset in the GA Senate races, before gaming out the final days of the Trump Administration with former Defense Secretary William Cohen.

Joe Drape

December 30, 2020   ·  1 hr

Al and James review the year and bring on author of Saint Makers, Joe Drape of @NYTSPORTS, to talk about the sports industry and religion going into 2021.

David Sanger, Mary Matalin & Judy Woodruff

December 23, 2020   ·  1 hr 19 min

Al and James bring the NYT’s David Sanger on to talk cybersecurity after the latest attacks, before being joined by their wives Mary Matalin and Judy Woodruff for the holidays.

Ron Brownstein

December 16, 2020   ·  1 hr 14 min

Al and James are increasingly excited about the Biden administration, Georgia is up for grabs, and Ron Brownstein comes on to talk about the future of the two parties.

Tim O’Brien and John Barry

December 9, 2020   ·  1 hr 31 min

James and Al examine the Democratic party’s latest moves, with Tim O’Brien on to discuss President Trump’s plans and psyche in the final days, and historian John Barry to put the pandemic in context.

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