#SistersInLaw are Now in Session

Politicon brings a brilliant team of political and legal masterminds together for an exciting new podcast, #SistersInLaw.

Joyce Vance, Jill Wine-Banks, Barb McQuade and Kimberly Atkins Stohr pull back the curtain on how our government actually works, take on the corrupt, share their wisdom and give us their rulings on the latest in politics, law, and culture.

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DOJ, Voting Rights and Garland

June 11, 2021   ·  1:16:26

The #SistersInLaw raise the alarm about Trump taking data from members of Congress and look at Merrick Garland’s actions as the head of the DoJ.

The DOJ, Texas, and Obstruction

June 5, 2021   ·  1:08:04

The #SistersInLaw welcome back Kimberly Atkins Stohr to discuss how the DOJ bridges its policy between administrations, what’s happening in Texas, and how obstruction relates to Rep. Gaetz.

Mimi Rocah: Campaigning, Effective Change & NY Grand Juries

May 29, 2021   ·  1:08:36

The #SistersInLaw welcome guest #sister, Westchester DA Mimi Rocah, to discuss campaigning, prosecutorial reform, and explain how grand juries work in New York!

Trump Inc, Jan 6th Commission & Stare Decisis

May 22, 2021   ·  1:11:58

The #SistersInLaw share what criminal charges would mean for Trump, their hopes for a possible 1/6 commission, and explain the role of stare decisis in our system.


Plea Agreements, Executive Privilege, & Bankruptcy at the NRA

May 15, 2021   ·   59:45

The #Sistersinlaw explain plea agreements, then look at executive privilege and what it means for Don McGahn with a deep dive into the NRA bankruptcy case.

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