‘The Mary Trump Show’ is the essential new podcast hosted by polemicist and best-selling author, Mary Trump, discussing politics, pop culture and everything in between with her unique perspective and irreverent humour.

Mary’s unfiltered view on the week’s events leverages her insider knowledge and valued relationships. The podcast will feature special guests each week to join Mary for an in-depth, lively discussion with fun and laughter along the way.

The Mary Trump Show is available twice a week – on Tuesdays and live on YouTube every Thursday at 7pm et/4pm pt. 



This Week with Mary Trump

August 5, 2022   ·  40:00

Mary Trump analyzes the biggest breaking developments in the news this week and lays out how they affect our country, and the prospects for the future of our safety and democracy.

#NerdAvengers Take On The Supreme Court

August 3, 2022   ·  1:03:11

Mary Trump summons a stellar team of legal minded Nerd Avengers to lay out the Supreme Court’s attack on women’s rights and bodies with the Dobbs decision, and how to fight back.

Donald’s Shadow with Tim O’Brien

July 29, 2022   ·  1:01:47

Mary Trump welcomes executive editor and columnist at Bloomberg, author Tim O’Brien, to discuss the shadow Donald casts on our politics, the media’s sins, and how to protect our rights.

#NerdAvengers Assemble: The Republican Party

July 27, 2022   ·  1:21:54

Mary Trump summons a novel team of the Nerd Avengers to take on the MSM and the normalization of the Right, while calling on strong voices from the Left to defend our democracy.

Malcolm Nance & The 7/21 J6 Hearing with The Nerd Avengers

July 22, 2022   ·  1:49:09

Mary Trump welcomes U.S. Veteran and national security expert Malcolm Nance before summoning a team of the best of the Democratic Nerd Avengers to review the latest J6 hearing.

Nerd Avengers Strategy Session

July 19, 2022   ·  1:31:23

Mary Trump welcomes a team of brilliant democratic minds to discuss embracing populism and passion, defining the political narrative, and bringing out the disillusioned during the midterms.

Mary’s Nerd Avengers Assemble

July 14, 2022   ·  1:08:24

Mary Trump welcomes leading democratic minds to discuss strategies for the midterms, and the importance of firing up youth, promoting diversity, and strengthening voting rights.

The July 12 J6 Hearing

July 13, 2022   ·  

Mary Trump welcomes 15 guests to review the 7/12 J6 hearings.  In it, they explore what Donald’s followers were thinking, their testimonies, and how close we were to a coup that day.

Dahlia Lithwick, Wajahat Ali, Kurt Bardella, & Brian Karem

July 6, 2022   ·  

Mary Trump welcomes Wajahat Ali, Dahlia Lithwick, Brian Karem, and Kurt Bardella to discuss the erosion of our institutions, the gun violence epidemic, and how we can create change.

Why We Did It: Tim Miller

July 1, 2022   ·  58:42

Mary Trump welcomes reformed Republican Tim Miller to discuss the growing radicalism of the Right, why they are trapped in the thrall of Donald, and where our politics need to go from here.

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