Introducing the new podcast from Politicon

There will be some brilliance, some bull s***, some name calling, and even some bonding as Politicon’s “How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along!” brings in all sides to find out if our country still has a fighting chance at making it to 2021…and if we’re lucky, even finding some common ground in the process.

Join Moderator Clay Aiken and a live studio audience on set each week as they interrogate a new four person bi-partisan panel of the sharpest, funniest, and most innovative minds in politics, media, and comedy to see if they have what it takes to lead us!



Karaoke is Dead

April 16, 2020   ·  1 hr 15 min

Mayor Glenn Jacobs, Elisha Krauss, Elie Mystal, and Sam Seder long for our disappearing civil liberties, a healthy economic outlook, and confidence in Joe Biden.

Cash Me Outside

April 9, 2020   ·  1 hr 10 min

Shermichael Singleton, Antonia Okafor, Tim Black, and Kurt Bardella discuss the real impact of COVID-19 and how the administration is dealing with it, the surge in firearm sales, the titanic strain on our healthcare system, and Bernie dropping out of the race.

Who’s the Weirdo?

April 2, 2020   ·  68m

Aida Rodriguez, Anna Paulina, Antonia Okafor, and Sally Kohn debate Trump’s management of COVID19, is now a good time for universal healthcare, and how is Joe Biden doing during this tough time for the country.

Push Old People Into A Pit

March 26, 2020   ·  68m

Cenk Uyger, Jim Norton, Scottie Nell Hughes, and Touré enter a battle royale over the CoronaVirus response, the economy, what’s wrong with the media, and where the heck is Joe Biden.

This is Actually a Wolf

March 19, 2020   ·  63m

Adam Carolla, Rep. Ted Lieu, Nayyera Haq and Joel Pollak form this week’s panel to answer your questions, discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and comment on Joe Biden’s assent to the Dem Nominations. The panel also come up with some interesting ideas on how to get through the next few weeks of home quarantine…

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