Anna Paulina

Anna Paulina is a Southern California native and a second-generation American with extended family still residing in Mexico. At the age of 19, she enlisted in the United States Air Force to serve our country and as a means to achieve her educational aspirations.

In January 2014, her husband, a USAF Combat Controller, was shot in Afghanistan. She briefly withdrew from college to care for him until full recovery. This year will mark their ten year anniversary.

She is a graduate of University of West Florida where she majored in Biology; modeled professionally as a means of paying for expenses that the GI bill did not cover. Some of her work has been used by Sports Illustrated & Maxim Magazine.  She has since served two enlistments, one active-duty and one with the United States Air National Guard. She currently is engaged with five nonprofits that focus on Veterans issues including PTSD, Service-member therapy and recovery, and humanitarian medical missions overseas.

In addition to her various charity work with non-profits, she is a political commentator, columnist, and published author. She can be seen on various networks ranging from Fox Business, Fox News, OAN, and the Daily Caller.

Earlier this past year she helped launch Bienvenido, the largest conservative Hispanic outreach in the Nation. She works with young men and women across the United States in an effort to engage the conservative roots in which the Hispanic demographic comes from.