Mueller, She Wrote


In keeping with the vision of Mueller, She Wrote, we felt it was important to have a female point of view as a legitimate, though often snarky source of news on the Trump-Russia investigation.  In that spirit, we assembled what we consider to be the most effective triumvirate of educated lady comics working in the Mueller business today!


Hello, everyone!  I’m AG. In addition to being a veteran, PhD, and a federal government executive, I’m a comedian, author, and staunch advocate for the resistance.  My mission as the executive producer and host of Mueller, She Wrote is to employ my expertise in the absurd amount of Trump Russia news and wrap it up into tasty bites for human consumption; and I am committed to do this weekly until House Trump falls. Additionally, I’m very dedicated to the separation of facts and theory, and I work hard to make sure you know which is which.  The truth is the goal, and facts are the tools.  Thank you for listening!


Jaleesa Johnson delivers her unique brand of comedy with the flow of a professional and the focus of a woman fueled by purpose. She has performed at the World Series of Comedy, Burbank Comedy Festival, OC Pride Festival, and San Diego Pride Festival. Jaleesa has also been featured in Buzzfeed, Rooftop Comedy, Huffington Post, SD Voice & Viewpoint, Uptown News, and can be seen performing regularly all over Southern California.


As a comic and a co-host, Jordan brings astute observation with a healthy dose of wit to the table.  Her dry, often tongue-in-cheek contributions are balanced by her solid grasp of the subject matter.  In addition to being a successful comedian, she is also an author, performer, and all around awesome human being.  Look for her at the Comedy Store, the Mad House and anywhere major comedy is for sale!