Scott Goodstein

Scott Goodstein is CEO of Revolution Messaging, the left’s leading digital firm best known for leading digital strategy and operations for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. 

The Sanders campaign has shattered all expectations among U.S. political experts, overcoming a deep gap in name recognition and establishment support to compete with and even out fundraise Hillary Clinton. 

Scott’s firm leads Sanders’ online fundraising, digital advertising, branding, email, texting, website development, online video and photography, shareable graphics, the online store and social media strategy. Scott also partnered with the campaign to build out  “artists for Sanders.” This effort brought together over 150 artists, musicians and cultural leaders to actively participate in the overall campaign. 

Revolution Messaging is deeply rooted in progressive values and selectively works with the left’s leading issue-based campaigns and is also known to donate its services in times of crisis. 

In 2008, Scott was External Online Director for Obama for America, tasked with evolving the campaign’s social networking platforms as well as building the first political mobile marketing portfolio, the campaign’s lifestyle marketing strategy and the “street team” materials used in battleground states. Prior to his work for Obama, Scott worked for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and managed over a dozen political campaigns.

Scott loves mixing music, culture and politics. He was the co-founder of Punkvoter.com and Rock Against Bush efforts in 2004 which became a $4 million young voter mobilization effort. 

Scott conducts political trainings for the National Democratic Institute, UNICEF, Democracy for America, the Campaign Management Institute, and the New Organizing Institute.